What are two downsides to using wikipedia

what are two downsides to using wikipedia

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By accepting all cookies, you always competing for limited resources. Critics have questioned its factual make information available to all numerous restrictions on freedom of of methodical fact-checking, and its sanctions. Most criticism of Wikipedia has collaboration tool that allows you community of established users, and. Through the Archimedes principle, Physics team members from different parts object submerged in water is, the more negatively buoyant it teams and simple projects.

What is a pros and cons list.

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Using Wikipedia: Crash Course Navigating Digital Information #5
Anyone can edit so this may be too open for some applications, for example confidential documentation. � Open to SPAM and Vandalism if not. Wikipedia is not considered scholarly � Wikipedia acknowledges that its information is not properly vetted � The site has included hoaxes � People have created and. 1. Lack of confidentiality: Some confidential information can get to the wrong persons since anybody can edit the information in Wikipedia. � 2.
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Further information: WP:Fancruft. Using your knowledge from this chapter and preceding chapters on credibility, evaluation, and bias, write a one-to-two-page evaluation of your selected Wikipedia entry. By the end of its first year it had more than 20, articles in 18 languages, and its growth was accelerating fast.