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elsa thomasson eth

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The project is divided in a part where the research is focused on thomassob fundamental cell biological questions related to. Publications Papers: Ion-induced cell sheet B Chemically tunable electrochemical dissolution out how a stretching environment.

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Eth2 Phase 0 Technical Deep Dive by Alex Stokes \u0026 Chihcheng Liang (Devcon5)
Norma Graf, Elsa Thomasson, Alexander Tanno, Janos V�r�s, and Tomaso Zambelli* Institute for Biomedical Engineering, ETH Z�rich. ETH Zurich, Switzerland) Karl-Johan Stahlberg (Research coordinator, Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center, Karolinska Institute, Sweden) Elsa Thomasson. Elsa Thomasson's 7 research works with 66 citations and reads, Elsa Thomasson's research while affiliated with University of Zurich and other places.
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Adding a low concentration of nontoxic ferrocyanide to the cell culture medium resulted in erosion of the polyelectrolyte multilayer and rapid detachment of viable cell sheets. The dissolution of polyelectrolyte multilayers by multivalent ions is a promising approach to cell sheet engineering that could potentially be used for regenerative medicine. Research Activities The aim of my PhD is to figure out how a stretching environment affects the development of muscle tissue, myogenesis.